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Name:Dr. Mordin Solus
Birthdate:May 9
Location:United States of America
"You said the Collectors had no art. I had no idea you cared about that kind of thing."
"Personal interest negligible. Sang a little- multi-species productions for cultural exploration. Gilbert and Sullivan. Always had me do the patter songs. But not about me. Cultural-artistic expression reflects philosophical evolution, interest in growth, perspective, observation, interpretation! Suspect you won't see any art in Collector base. Culturally dead."

"He's not a normal doctor! Doctors don't shoot people and display the corpses out front as a warning!"

Mordin Solus is a salarian geneticist, professor, and a former operative of the Special Tasks Group, where he performed reconnaissance and participated in the modification of the genophage. In 2185, he was recruited by Commander Shepard to assist in a high-risk mission against the Collectors. Solus has a moral character best described as consequentialistic, that is, he believed that the ends justified the means. His morality guides many of his actions. He is also "very smart, fast-talking and surprisingly brutal in his thinking". His distinguishing physical characteristics are his pale complexion, the dark tattoo on his forehead, his wrinkled skin and his truncated right horn. He also bears two scars, one cross shaped scar on his left cheek and a long scar running from above his left eye to the base of his left horn.

On the subject of experimentation on living subjects, Mordin has a simple rule he claims never to have broken: no tests on species capable of calculus.

Mordin claims to have killed people with guns, knives, drugs, tech attacks and even farming equipment, showing his remarkable skill and versatility at killing.

And he performs the occasional Gilbert and Sullivan piece.

[Dr. Mordin Solus is from the video game Mass Effect 2 and is the property of Bioware and its minions. This journal exists solely for RP purposes and no profit of any kind is being made from it.]
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